You really want to come to our wedding but don’t know how to get here? Well, hopefully this page will help you find the best way to attend our wedding.

Getting to Sudbury and Home Again


99% of our guests are from out of town and carpooling is the method of transportation we recommend the best. Most of you are coming from Ottawa or Toronto. If you are in either of these cities and don’t have a way to Sudbury, or you’d like to carpool, please get in touch with us in advance so we can try to arrange a ride for you and your guest.

Of course, carpooling can be a bit problematic once you’re in the city if you’re staying in different accommodations than your carpooling travelers. But please contact us about carpooling, whether you need a ride, or if you’d like to offer one.


Greyhound bus lines has relatively frequent trips to and from Sudbury to Ottawa, Toronto, and other towns and cities. [Website]


Porter airlines now flies to Sudbury. Check out their website for more information.

From Your Accommodations to the Wedding Venue

We have organized transportation to bring you from your hotel/motel/Holiday Inn to the wedding without you having to worry about driving there and finding a way back.

We highly recommend you choose one of our suggested hotels in the South End/Four Corners area. If the majority of our guests are in the same area of the city we can more easily and economically bring you to the wedding and bring you home from the wedding.

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