Things to Do in Sudbury

Hey, this page isn’t blank! What a surprise!

All jokes aside, there are things to do here, so we’ve put together a little list of our favorite spots to eat or drink, places to go if you have an afternoon to kill and other fun places we recommend you see.

Food and Drink

The Laughing Buddha: They have delicious sandwiches and chick pea salad. And deep fried pickles. And pizza, as well as a nice long beer menu.

Respect Is Burning: Don’t be dismayed by their horrendous website. Their food is delicious.

Ripe: Closer in proximity to the South End where we recommend staying. Good food.


Science North: Fun things to see and learn. Kind of like a Museum of Nature meets Museum of Science and Technology meets Biodome.

Dynamic Earth: Learn about stuff like mining and tour a mine shaft (see the Big Nickel while you’re there!)

The Big Nickel: Exactly what it sounds like. But it’s not actually made of nickel, and it’s not as big as you might hope it to be. Still, it’s big and it’s  required for any person visiting Sudbury to see it. Address: 122 Big Nickel Road, Sudbury ON (same location as Dynamic Earth)

Bell Park: Walk along Ramsey Lake, through the park and see some ducks.

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