The Wedding Couple

Chantal and Joel first met in the summer of 2003. They were both new employees at Wallack’s, an art supply store in Ottawa.

Over a year later, Joel invited Chantal to his Dad and Jane’s place for the weekly delicious Sunday dinner. Soon afterward, Chantal helped Joel buy new clothes for an art show opening they were both participating in. When he wanted to thank her for her help, Joel suggested they go to the food court for some dinner. Instead, Chantal chose the more expensive restaurant in the mall and then didn’t offer to drive him home after. He didn’t mind though. Really!

They hung out some more in the coming days and weeks and just like that Chantal realized that Joel was the greatest guy ever. Joel thought Chantal was pretty darn swell, too, and they became an official couple.

Chantal moved in to Joel’s apartment after they had dated for over a year. A year and a half later they moved to Brooklyn, NY together so Chantal could attend Parsons for Illustration and so Joel could swindle Louis Vuitton bags in Chinatown (and do illustration on the side).

After a great year and a half in New York, Chantal and Joel moved back to Canada and to Sudbury, where Chantal grew up.

Joel proposed to Chantal on January 1st, 2010 in Ottawa. He gave her a book with an antique ring hidden inside its hollowed out pages (read more about that here).

We’re both excited for August 1st. We know it’s going to be a great party with lots of great guests, food, music, drinks and things to keep you entertained. We look forward to seeing you that weekend.

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